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:An important life engagement for Cris has always been the creation of artificial arrangement that would bring out the real emotions. Whether publishing a pop-culture magazine in his early twenties in Munich, shooting fashion internationally later on, or designing and producing fashion accessories in New York and Asia, he tunes on to the finest aesthetic frequencies on the air during right now. A musical teenager, a media addict, a mind alterations engineer, a Bikram body, a blender chef, a bicycle driver, and a curiosity victim, Cris is learning how to juggle::



:Probabilistic Model Based Assessments of Information Quality in Uncertain Domains::

On the Edge on Staten Island

Even as we take the ferry over to Staten Island now, the water passage makes the psychic distance seem real in a way that a subway ride between Brooklyn and Manhattan does not. In the ’80s, when the differences were even more palpable. “It really seemed like you went...

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Mary Ellen Mark often photographed individuals who, despite being on the fringes of society, projected an unusual degree of self-confidence. They had strong personalities, with a clear sense of self. The exhibit “Attitude: Portraits by Mary Ellen Mark, 1964–2015,”...

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How to Be a Great Photographer

according to James Altucher. (and Maybe Everything Else) "The only skill for success is having the ability to connect." I suck at photography. I take a photo and, to me, it looks like puke. It looks dead. I wish I were better. Chase Jarvis is a great photographer....

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Watch this on The Scene. Pat McGrath is having a Make Up Party next door...

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Cause Célèbre

Brooklyn Beckham caused a shit storm being hired as a photographer by Burberry for it's "This is Brit" campaign.

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Grandmaster P.

Chimping, the new normal. Even the Grandmaster is doing it. Peter Lindbergh, Eva Herzigova, Stella Tennant, Nadja Auermann shooting for Armani.

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Chris von Wangenheim Out-Edged Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin. There was a sea change in fashion photography in the seventies. What had been polished, bright, and straightforwardly glam gave way, in that decade, to a darker tone. Chris von Wangenheim’s work exemplified...

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TheTao of Cindy

10 Life Lessons From Cindy Crawford Cindy Crawford—supermodel, mom, and mogul—has led a remarkable life. From working with the biggest names in fashion to posing for countless now-iconic images, Crawford is an enduring force within the fashion industry, and ever since...

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The Camera

by Karl Bartos. Let me recreate the world for you. there is no beginning and no end. the camera is gonna be your best friend.

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There are not many Pop Songs referring to photography, are they? You have to turn to Depeche Mode. - The band name is giving it away. - Steve Jobs said, for every situation in life there is a Bob Dylan or Beatles song....

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Flashback Friday

  I found this old comp card of mine. I remember I arrived in New York with these photos and more and went to an agency for an interview. I forgot the name of the agency, I still remember it was located at Union Square. The owner a...

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