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:An important life engagement for Cris has always been the creation of artificial arrangement that would bring out the real emotions. Whether publishing a pop-culture magazine in his early twenties in Munich, shooting fashion internationally later on, or designing and producing fashion accessories in New York and Asia, he tunes on to the finest aesthetic frequencies on the air during right now. A musical teenager, a media addict, a mind alterations engineer, a Bikram body, a blender chef, a bicycle driver, and a curiosity victim, Cris is learning how to juggle::



:Probabilistic Model Based Assessments of Information Quality in Uncertain Domains::

Who Is Steven Meisel?

My favorite Fashion Photographer revisited: Fashion’s ultimate enigma has had Vogue Italia‘s cover under his spell for the past twenty years, nonstop. Considered the world’s greatest fashion photographer, a rare interview gets us just that much closer to finding out:...

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Tim Walker Interview

Adwoa Aboah hosts a very special i-Cons for i-D to discover the creativity, truth and beauty that drives Tim Walker's most singular vision.

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Say Capitán, Say Wot

New Kid on the block, Coco Capitán speaking of her inspiration: "a good Richard Avedon group portrait in studio, Corinne Day in the 90s, Steven Meisel before it became so glossy, a Juergen Teller goes-and-sees, Oliviero Toscani for Benneton, Comme des Garçon’s...

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I always wanted to make this picture. Must be Upstate New York. Catskills?

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Film School

The first time somebody wrote about crashing the gates of film making was Robert Rodriguez in his book: "Rebel Without a Crew." He gave us the 10 Minute the Film School. Werner Herzog's film school requires two weeks.

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Nick Knight

a href="" target="_blank">Nick Knight has long been at the forefront of image-making, continually pushing the boundaries of what the very word "image" means via his work with...

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Amazing Grace

Tiffany presents “Some Style is Legendary,” a short film capturing the making of the fall 2016 campaign. Cutler, director of "The September Issue", casts an eye upon the rarely seen side of Vogue’s legendary creative director-at-large, Grace Coddington. The...

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To see a Bruce Weber photo is to see something familiar and mysterious: an idealized version of America, one that's both tantalizingly close and impossibly romantic. It is in large part thanks to him—and his work in the ‘80s and ‘90s, for brands such as Calvin Klein,...

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Growing Up

with Arthur Elgort (New York photographer), Grace Coddington (VOGUE). Here at Grace's book signing party: Thirty Years of Fashion at...

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Peter Lindbergh Kunsthal Rotterdam

Peter Lindbergh is today regarded as one of the most influential fashion photographers of the past forty years. Lindbergh’s pure black-and-white photographs have determined the course of fashion photography since the 1980s. Opening September 10th, the first exhibition...

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Decisive Moment

Cartier-Bresson’s concept of the “decisive moment” — a split second that reveals the larger truth of a situation — shaped modern street photography and set the stage for hundreds of photojournalists to bring the world into living rooms. Photographs are no longer rare...

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Creativity, success, reinvention according to the Rolling Stones by James Altucher. Mick Jagger fooled around with Keith Richards’ girlfriend. I wouldn’t be able to work with someone after that. But maybe that’s why I’m an author. And not a rockstar. The Rolling...

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On the Edge on Staten Island

Even as we take the ferry over to Staten Island now, the water passage makes the psychic distance seem real in a way that a subway ride between Brooklyn and Manhattan does not. In the ’80s, when the differences were even more palpable. “It really seemed like you went...

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Mary Ellen Mark often photographed individuals who, despite being on the fringes of society, projected an unusual degree of self-confidence. They had strong personalities, with a clear sense of self. The exhibit “Attitude: Portraits by Mary Ellen Mark, 1964–2015,”...

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